Qeexo Launches TouchTools, Virtual Tools for Smart Devices

First-of-its-kind technology allows users to intuitively summon virtual tools, reinventing the way people interact with touchscreen devices


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.—July. 27, 2016—Qeexo, developer of user interaction solutions for touch-enabled devices, announces the launch of TouchTools. With TouchTools, for the first time, users can summon virtual tools such as a pen, camera or mouse, using intuitive gestures. OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), app developers, and designers can leverage TouchTools to extend the usability of touchscreen devices, from tablets to larger interactive displays, with this software-only solution.

“Seven years ago multi-touch devices went mainstream, revolutionizing the mobile industry. But other than ‘pinch and zoom,’ there haven’t been many compelling use cases for multi-touch until TouchTools,” said Sang Won Lee, CEO of Qeexo. “Combining multi-touch with innovations in machine intelligence, Qeexo created a much richer user experience.”

TouchTools is a touch-interaction innovation that understands the user’s intent by looking at the pose of the hand to summon virtual tools. This software-only solution virtualizes hardware such as a mouse, stylus or radio dial on the screen via a simple touch. TouchTools can be used to create novel interactions in tablets, automobiles, interactive displays, touch computers, and other touch-enabled surfaces.

Qeexo’s FingerSense technology is currently integrated in millions of phones worldwide, including the recently-launched Huawei P9 and Honor V8. In January, the company announced Series B funding led by KTB Network.


About Qeexo
Qeexo develops innovative solutions to advance the field of human-computer interaction. The company’s technologies elevate the user experience of mobile devices by making smartphones, tablets and wearables more intelligent, more powerful and easier to use. Qeexo works with the world’s top mobile companies and its FingerSense software is deployed on millions of devices worldwide. Spun out of Carnegie Mellon University, Qeexo is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. To learn more, visit qeexo.com.