Qeexo and Alibaba’s YunOS to Bring Powerful New Touch Capabilities to YunOS Devices

Qeexo Expands Its FingerSense Platform to YunOS, Continuing to Revolutionize the Way People Interact With Mobile Devices


SAN JOSE, CA.—Dec 10, 2015—Qeexo announces today that Alibaba Group’sYunOS business unit (YunOS) has selected Qeexo’s FingerSense technology to bring further innovation to the YunOS mobile operating system. Qeexo will provide YunOS with powerful software that identifies how users touch the screen. With FingerSense, developers and device manufacturers can enable robust new features that dramatically enhance the user experience and delight customers.

FingerSense, the next generation touch platform from Qeexo, is the world’s first software-only solution with the ability to distinguish between touchscreen inputs from the fingertip, knuckle, nail, and stylus, revolutionizing the way users interact with touch-enabled devices.

Mobile Innovation through Qeexo Solutions and YunOS

In 2015 alone, the number of new installations of YunOS exceeded 30 million, making it one of the top mobile operating systems in China. Qeexo’s human-computer interaction technology aligns with Alibaba’s YunOS drive for continuous innovation in the mobile industry and inspires device differentiation by integrating rich-touch features that enrich art, music, gaming, productivity and other apps.

With FingerSense integrated into YunOS, developers and device OEMs have multiple options for customization, including:

    • Dashboard – Conveniently launch a shortcut menu to favorite or featured apps with a simple knuckle tap. OEMs, developers and other partners can use the Dashboard to highlight promotions and raise visibility for select apps.


    • Letter Gestures – Draw various letters with a knuckle to launch the camera or associated downloadable apps. For example, drawing a C launches the camera, and drawing other letters launches third-party apps from any screen.


    • SmartShot – Knock to save a full screenshot or simply circle a section of the screen to crop, save, and share that section. Other innovative technologies in the Qeexo pipeline include FingerAngle, which adds 3D touch capabilities to the mobile screen, and EarSense, which replaces physical proximity sensors for better performance and design. Qeexo will make these new features available to YunOS developers in the near future through simple software updates.


“Our partnership with YunOS accelerates FingerSense towards becoming a software standard for touch-enabled devices, giving users faster access to exciting new functions that increase performance and productivity,” said Sang Won Lee, CEO of Qeexo. “YunOS is a natural and exciting partner for Qeexo. Our goal is to empower businesses with software that enables them to differentiate and grow. We’re thrilled to support YunOS as it continues its impressive market share expansion and provides opportunities to developers around the world.”

About FingerSense
FingerSense radically enhances the functionality and usability of mobile devices by enabling touchscreens to distinguish between and respond differently to inputs from various parts of the hand or stylus. The patented technology analyzes the unique acoustic “signature” of physical objects to identify the object touching the screen. FingerSense is software-only, and can be deployed on mobile devices without the extra cost or space of additional hardware. FingerSense gives manufacturers new opportunities to differentiate their products and wow customers.

About Qeexo
Qeexo develops innovative solutions to advance the field of human-computer interaction. The company’s technologies elevate the user experience of mobile devices by making smartphones, tablets and wearables more intelligent, more powerful and easier to use. Qeexo works with the world’s top mobile companies and its FingerSense software is deployed on millions of devices worldwide. Spun out of Carnegie Mellon University, Qeexo is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. To learn more, visit www.qeexo.com.


Samantha Steinwinder
The Concept Agency for Qeexo